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Grass Installation Doral

Grass Installation Doral
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SoFlo TreeService, Affordable Doral Grass Installation

When you contact SoFlo TreeService for your grass installation, we will come out to your residence or place of business to give you a FREE quote. Our grass installation specialist will take precise measurements and will assess the scope of the work that needs to be done in order to provide you with excellent grass installation service. We will answer all your questions and if you do not know what type of Sod you wish to have installed, our grass installation professionals will advise you and explain in detail the process and the type long term results you can expect. Upon acceptance of our grass installation estimate, one of the first step, when necessary, is for our grass installation experts to do a “Round-up” application which consists in spraying your current lawn to kill any existing grass and weeds that could remain and impact the result of your grass installation.
Preparation is key in insuring the success of your grass installation and we put a lot of effort into it.

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Grass Installation Doral

Doral Grass Installation Experts for Long Term Results

As we stated above, the preparation phase is crucial and it includes many important tasks that need to be completed according to a precise schedule. Once your current yard has been sprayed and all existing weeds are dead, we can proceed with marking all sprinkler heads, clean thoroughly the area to be worked on and remove any old sod that could remain. When interviewing a company for grass installation, make sure that they explain the preparation process that they plan to execute in order to insure a successful grass installation service and a beautiful lawn for many years to come.

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SoFLo TreeService : A No Headache and Clean Grass Installation

After the preparation phase has been completed, our grass installation experts will inspect the area where your new Sod needs to be installed. If we find any imperfection on your yard where your grass installation needs to take place, they will correct them and make sure that your yard is flat and ready to receive your new sod. Then starts the actual delivery and installation of your new lawn.
We will deliver by truck your new sod. We will install it very precisely avoiding any gaps between sod pallets.

Once your grass installation has been completed we will re-adjust all your sprinkler heads to make sure that your new lawn gets the right type of irrigation it needs to settle and grow to a beautiful and healthy lawn. The type of lawn that will make your neighbors jealous and add value to your property.

Special attention should be given to the timer of your irrigation system because too much water as well as to little irrigation can damage your grass installation and will defeat the purpose of all the efforts, time and money put into your grass installation.

With 20 years experience in the grass installation business, our team knows what to do in order to deliver the perfect lawn to your property. We offer the perfect combination of a professional crew, the best quality of sod on the market and an extensive knowledge of the timing it requires to obtain a sensational lawn every time.

SoFlo TreeService, grass installation experts in Doral delivers the perfect lawn in 3 steps:

  • Thorough study of your current lawn, irrigation system and expectations
  • Professional planning and execution of your grass installation
  • Perfect installation, irrigation adjustments and follow up of your grass installation.

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