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Tree Service Margate

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When you are confronted with a tree problem, whether it is for tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, stump grinding or for roots removal, the tree service experts at SoFlo TreeService are here to bring all your tree projects to completion. We have been in business for more than 10 years and we have some of the best equipment and technique in the tree service business in Margate to solve all your tree, stump or roots problems.

Sometimes, when it comes to tree service, time is of the essence because a sick tree can contaminate all your other trees. You have to react quickly when you suspect that one of your trees needs to be removed. Fortunately, SoFlo TreeService  has a  same-day tree service service available in Margate so if you call us early enough, we can be on the job within 1 hour following your phone call for tree service.

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It is always better to hire the services of a tree service company which is local and familiar with Margate. Not only is our local tree service company closer to you but it can reach the job site typically within 1 hour. Also, SoFlo TreeService is very familiar with the types of trees that are planted in Margate as well as the way that they grow. Hiring a tree service expert who has extensive knowledge of the Margate landscape and its shrubbery is already a gain of time and money. Here at SoFlo TreeService we have been providing tree service services to Margate residents for more than 10 years at the most affordable prices in the industry so call our tree service experts today for a FREE quote.

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Tree Service and Stump Removal Margate

Tree Removal Margate

Tree Service Margate

When it comes to tree service, the size of the tree to be removed is the main factor in your decision to hire a professional tree service company. Not only there are big risks and hazards in removing a big tree by yourself but disposing of it will not be an easy task as well. In fact, a lot of injuries are reported every year from trees being removed by homeowners and amateurs. The recipe for a successful tree service is the right professional equipment, the right amount of experience and in some cases, obtaining a permit from the City of Margate for tree service.

Stump Removal Margate

Do you have a tree stump sticking out of your yard? Maybe your tree service has not been completed correctly and they left you with the stump?
Beside the fact that it very unattractive in a yard, a tree stump remaining in your yard is also a hazard for kids playing or people who can trip and fall over it. It can also attract bugs and critters that can elect to make it their home. At SoFlo TreeService, we provide stump removal services in Margate for more than 10 years and we possess all the professional equipment required to grind your tree stump to the ground so you won’t know it was ever there.

Tree Trimming Margate

No tree service job is too small or too big for our team. When you call a tree service expert at SoFlo TreeService, you’ll speak to a real person, specialized in tree trimming jobs in Margate. We are very familiar with tree that outgrow a property line and how it can impact your view, you safety and sometimes even your relationship with your neighbors. We have a special unit which is only dedicated to tree trimming and tree maintenance, who knows how to trim or cut exactly the right amount of branches and leaves so your trees keep their beautiful esthetical shape.

Utility Lines Clearing Margate

Often, trees grow so fast that before you know it, they infringe on utility lines, power lines and FPL electrical lines in Margate. You need to act fast as this is a potentially hazardous situation. If one of your tree branches touches an electrical line, it can cause a short-circuit and catch on fire at any time. Once your tree is on fire, it can spread to the rest of your property in no time. While sometimes, FPL will send out a team to clear its electrical lines, most of the time, you are responsible for maintaining your trees and shrubbery in Margate and for making sure that hey do not interfere with any utility line. Here at SoFlo TreeService, we also have a special unit which handles all Emergency Utility Lines Clearing jobs in Margate. We dispatch our Tree Services experts in no time so we can secure your trees and property from any fire hazard that can occur from utility lines.

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