Windmill Palm Tree Removal Hialeah Gardens

Windmill Palm Tree Removal Hialeah Gardens

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Planning your Windmill Palm Tree Removal Hialeah Gardens

If you need to remove a Windmill Palm Tree in your yard, it is important to consider several factors before proceeding. The height of your Windmill Palm Tree to remove is important to take into account as it will determine the technic to be used, the material to be used, if the Windmill Palm Tree removal is a one, two men job or if more tree removal experts are needed to assist.

Removing a Windmill Palm Tree should never be attempted by a handyman or by yourself. Windmill Palm Tree removal in Hialeah Gardens is a serious operation that requires planning and sometimes even a permit needs to be obtained by the city of Hialeah Gardens before you can remove a Windmill Palm Tree.

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Solutions for Windmill Palm Tree Removal Hialeah Gardens

The price of the removal of your Windmill Palm Tree will also depend on the size or diameter of the trunk of your Windmill Palm Tree. A Windmill Palm Tree with a much bigger trunk will obviously require more time and effort to not only cut it but also to dispose of it.

Although our Hialeah Gardens Tree removal experts take all precautions, before proceeding with the removal of your Windmill Palm Tree, you should also prepare the area around your Windmill Palm Tree to make sure that nothing can be damaged by branches or pieces of the trunk that will fall. Cars and other vehicles should removed from the area affected.

If your fence or home are in close proximity of the tree to be removed, our Windmill Palm Tree removal specialists will use a special technic which consists in securing branches with a rope before cutting them in order to control their fall and protect your property.

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What to know about Windmill Palm Tree Removal in Hialeah Gardens?

Windmill Palm Tree Removal Hialeah Gardens

A Windmill Palm Tree close to a Utility Power Line

It is important to know that if your Windmill Palm Tree is dangerously close to a utility power line and if any branch or part of the trunk is resting on the utility line, you should call your Utility Power Company and ask them to come to trim your Windmill Palm Tree or to schedule a Windmill Palm Tree removal. If you are located in Hialeah Gardens, FL, you should call the FPL Windmill Palm Tree Line Clearing Program at 305-442-8770.

How short will you cut my Windmill Palm Tree?

As part of the removal of your Windmill Palm Tree, our tree removal experts will cut it down to a small stump. The stump will be short enough for you not to see it from a distance. Typically, you will only be able to see the stump if you look at it right from above.

What about the branches of my Windmill Palm Tree?

The branches and leaves of your Windmill Palm Tree will be chipped thanks to our powerful wood chipper. All branches removed during your Windmill Palm Tree removal will be thrown into a wood chipper which will reduce them to a powder, making it easy for our Windmill Palm Tree removal expert to dispose of.

What about the trunk of my Windmill Palm Tree?

During your Windmill Palm Tree removal process, we will cut your trunk into small pieces that are easily moveable by our team of Tree removal specialists. Once the trunk is cut into small enough pieces, we will either place them on the curb of your street for the bulk trash to remove them or throw them into our wood chipper to transform them into a fine wood powder which will be ultimately disposed of into trash bags.

A Clean Windmill Palm Tree Removal in Hialeah Gardens

In any case, when you hire SoFlo TreeService for your Windmill Palm Tree removal in Hialeah Gardens, you can be sure that we will leave your property with no residue and no mess. All branches, leaves and trunk pieces will be removed from your property. We will either take your whole Windmill Palm Tree with us in pieces or organize for its pick up, in trash bags, by the Hialeah Gardens trash collection.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 786-393-6411 for a FREE quote for a Windmill Palm Tree Removal. Most of the time, we offer Same-Day Windmill Palm Tree Removal to Hialeah Gardens residents and businesses.

We look forward to serving all your Tree removal needs in the Hialeah Gardens area.

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